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ERW Tube

Electric Resistance Welded Circular Tube 

Catagorie – ERW Tube

ERW Tube is used to fabricate the Barrel Assembly or Roller at the top of any roller shutter door to hold it in place. This allows the door lath to warp around the assembly when the door goes up and down.

Our ERW tubes are manufactured from high quality mild steel to EN10219 or EN10305.

Tube diameter’s range from 101.6mm (4″) to 219mm (8.6″), with wall thicknesses from 1.5mm (16swg) all the way up to 12.0mm depending on the width and height of your door.

Suitable for:

  • Manual Barrel Assemblies 
  • Electrical Operated Barrel Assemblies 
  • Construction Industries

ERW Tube

Description Part Number Material 6100mm 7500mm 8000mm10,000mm
101.6 x 1.5mm (4" x 16swg)101603Mild Steel
101.6 x 3.7mm (4" x 9swg)101601Mild Steel
127 x 3.2mm (5" x 10swg)127X02Mild Steel
139.8 x 3.0mm 139701Mild Steel
139.8 x 5.0mm 168X03Mild Steel
168.3 x 5.0mm 168X03Mild Steel
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Technical Specification

  • Electric Resistance Welded Tube (ERW) Circular
  • To European Standard EN 10305:2010 Part 3 E220
  • Tube diameter range 101.6mm – 219mm
  • Tube thickness 1.5mm – 12.0mm
  • Lengths available 6100mm – 10,000mm

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