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Roller Shutter Endlocks / Endcaps 

Catagorie – Endlocks 

Endlocks are components used to prevent roller shutter door lath from sliding from side to side during operation.

West Mercia offer a range of endlocks to suit all our lath profiles in a range of materials including polypropylene plastic, heat resistant nylon for powder coatable applictaions and pressed steel and malleable cast iron.

Our single skin roller shutter lath endlocks and pressed steel insulated endlocks come pre-punched with 2 holes to industry standard measurements. Our insulated nylon endlocks do not come pre-punchedand require drilling.

Please use the table below to determine the best suited endlock for your applictaion. 

Suitable for:

  • 2″ (50mm) Single Skin Flat Lath
  • 3″ (75mm) Single Skin Concave Lath
  • 75mm (3″) Twin Skin Insulated Lath
  • 100mm (4″) Twin Skin Insulated Lath
  • 95mm Foam Filled Insulated Lath


Description Part Number Material Lath Type Powder Coatable Universal Pairs (Left/Right)
2" Plastic Endlocks 2FLA01Polypropylene 2" Flat Lath
3" Plastic Endlocks 3NYL01Polypropylene 3" Traditional Lath
3" Nylon Endlocks 3NYL02Glass Filled Nylon 3" Traditional Lath
3" Pressed Steel Endlocks WM9502Galvanised Steel3" Traditional Lath
3" Cast Endlocks 3CAS02Cast Iron 3" Traditional Lath
3" Wind Endlocks 3STE01Cast Iron 3" Traditional Lath
3" Twin Skin Plastic Endlocks SUPA55Polypropylene 3" Twin Skin
4" Twin Skin Plastic Endlocks SUPA57Polypropylene 4" Twin Skin
4" Twin Skin Pressed Steel Endlocks SUPA58Galvanised Steel4" Twin Skin Lath
4" Wind Endlocks SUPA59Cast Iron 4" Twin Skin Insulated Lath
95mm Nylon Endlocks WM9506Glass Filled Nylon 95mm Foam Lath
95mm Wind Endlocks WM9593Cast Iron 95mm Foam Lath
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Technical Specification

  • Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer for standard plastic endlocks 
  • Glass filled nylon for powder coatable applications
  • Pressed steel endlocks manufactured from DX51 Z2+ 2.0mm Galv
  • Cast endlocks manufactured from cast iron
  • Wind endlocks manufactured from cast iron

Tech Spec & Downloads

Data Sheet Endlocks
124168852 402018880832022 6142373906110564520 n Endlocks

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