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Bottom Rails

Roller Shutter Bottom Rail’s

Catagorie – Bottom Rails

Bottom rails are used on standard roller shutter doors giving additional strength to the bottom of the shutter.

Our Bottom Rails for Roller Shutter Doors are manufactured from Galvanised Steel to DX51 Z2 275g EN10346 : 2009.

Our range of bottom rails come in two variations, an outside facing single angled rail (L-Bottom Rail) and a double angled rail (T-Bottom Rail) available in both light gauge for standard applictaions and heavy gauge material for bigger applications.

We also offer a Wrap Around Rubber D weather seal for all our rails which help with water ingress and heat loss. 

Suitable for:

  • 2″ (50mm) Single Skin Flat Lath
  • 3″ (75mm) Single Skin Concave Lath

Bottom Rails

Description Part Number Material Lath Type 4500mm 5000mm 5500mm 6000mm 6500mm 8000mm
L-Bottom Rail LRAI02Galvanised Single Skin
T-Bottom Rail (L/G)TRAI04Galvanised Single Skin
T-Bottom Rail (H/G)TRAI03Galvanised Single Skin
Quirk SectionQUIR01Galvanised Single Skin
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Technical Specification

  • Galvanised steel manufactured to European standard BS EN 10346:1025
  • Galvanised steel manufactured to DX51 Z2+
  • Light gauge material at 1.5mm thick for standard applications
  • Heavy gauge material at 2.0mm thick for larger applications 

Downloads Section

Data Sheet Bottom Rails
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