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2″ (50mm) Flat Lath

2” (50mm) Traditional Roller Shutter Flat Lath

Catagorie – 2″ Flat Lath 

The 2” (50mm) traditional roller shutter flat lath, similar to the 3” (75mm) curved roller shutter lath, is used in applications such as retail and commercial but generally on a smaller scale where a flush face is required, typically servery hatches, small windows and shopfronts. 

Available in 0.9mm (20swg) solid galvanised steel as standard, but also in a perforated, Brickbond or Inline punched pattern for better airflow and visibility. 

All laths are cut to length and pre-pierced ready for endlocks, so with many different variations depending on the application please contact our sales team with your requirements.

Please note we don’t offer the Plastisol colour range with this system, but there is the option for powder coating with a wide variety of colours available, helping match the look of any building exterior or company theme or branding.

Suitable for:

  • Commercial Applications 
  • Industrial Applications 
  • Domestic Garage Doors 

Call us today on 0121 557 9927 or Email us at sales@westmerciasections.co.uk to see how our 2″ (50mm) Flat Lath can keep your assets secure or fill out the form provided and we’ll be in touch asap.

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Technical Specification

  • Galvanised steel manufactured to European standard BS EN 10346: 2015
  • P200 LG Plastisol manufactured to European standard BS EN 13523
  • Perforations allow 30% vision through the lath
  • Punching for Inline and Brickbond pattern measures 152mm x 28mm with 50mm spacing 
  • Solid lath weight per squ mtr – 13.32kgs 
  • Perforated lath weight per squ mtr – 9.20kgs
  • Punched lath weight per squ mtr – 10.52kgs 

Downloads Section

Data Sheet 2" (50mm) Flat Lath
124168852 402018880832022 6142373906110564520 n 2" (50mm) Flat Lath
124310215 961773514314690 545274168963146503 n 2" (50mm) Flat Lath

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