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100mm (4″) Insulated Lath 

100mm (4”) Twin Skin Insulated Roller Shutter Lath

Category – 100mm Twin Skin Lath

100mm twin skin insulated lath, is a lath system that addresses the heat loss issue associated with traditional single skin roller shutter doors. This system is specifically designed to accommodate a rigid CFC free polystyrene infill providing excellent thermal benefits, reducing heat loss and lowering energy usage. This helps maintain the temperatures inside a premises irrespective of outside conditions.

Manufactured from two skins of solid 100mm section, with one strengthening rib running along the face of the profile, our 100mm insulated lath uses a continuous nylon or pressed steel endlocking system, along with a yellow weather proof bottom retainer and rubber weather seal increasing the performance of the door. 

This lath is available in a wide range of P200 LG Plastisol colour options with the flexibility to mix and match the front and back skins with different colours or galvanised steel. Alternatively we can offer hot dip galvanised steel which is suitable for powder coating to colour match the look of any building exterior, company theme or branding.

Please note our 100mm twin skin insulated lath comes with one rib on the face as standard, but can also come plain with no rib. 

This system is also available in Aluminium, ideal for Speed Doors, and stainless steel for special applications such as marine enviroments with a higher corrosive atmosphere.

Suitable for:

  • Industrial Applications 
  • Commercial Applications 
  • Speed Doors 
  • Marine Doors 

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Techincal Specification

  • Galvanised steel Manufactured to European standard BS EN 10346:2015
  • P200 LG Plastisol manufactured to European standard BS EN 13523
  • CFC free polystyrene insulation as standard. Polyurethane injection infil available on request
  • Non handed nylon endlocks available
  • Handed steel endlocks available for Fire Shutter applications
  • Wind Endlocks available
  • Yellow PVC carrier and weather safety seal system
  • Self locking guide and brush system
  • Wind Class 5, up to 10mtrs (without wind endlocks)
  • Vision panel option available
  • Weight per squ mtr – 18.6kgs

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Data Sheet 100mm Twin Skin Lath
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124310215 961773514314690 545274168963146503 n 100mm Twin Skin Lath