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West Mercia offer and distribute a wide range of commercial, industrial door brushes and weather seals, suitable for many applictaions.

Industrial door brushs help reduce heat loss and help keep out unwanted pests, water ingress and noise pollution. Our brushes come fitted with high quality black nylon filament along with an 180-degree aluminium fixing carrier.

We offer three bottom rubber weather seal profiles, depending on the application and lath you are fitting. Our Bottom Rubber Saftey Seal is commonly used on insulated shutters compatable with our Aztez yellow and galvanised retainer.

The T-Rail Wrap-Around Rubber D weather seal fits onto our T-Bottom Rail for single skin roller shutter doors, helping reduce heat loss and water ingress as well as keeping out leaves and debris.

Our Twin Pile Guide Brush Strip used on insulated doors is finished in light grey with a rebated clip system that interlocks with our windlock and striaght guide channel without the need for adheasive or tape. This helps prevent rattling noises from the shutter during opertaion. 



Suitable for:

  • Commercial Doors
  • Industrial Doors
  • Garage Doors

Rubber Weather Seals

Description Part Number Material Lath Type Cut To Length (Mtr)3000mm5000mm6000mm8000mm20,000mm25,000mm30,000mm
Bottom Rubber Safety Seal BOTT01Rubber Insulated Lath
T-Rail Wrap Around Rubber DTRAI05RubberSingle Skin
GFA Safety Edge 11mm Bore GF10045Rubber Insulated Lath

Industrial Brush Strips

Description Part Number Material Lath Type Cut To Length (Mtr)3000mm5000mm6000mm8000mm20,000mm25,000mm30,000mm
Twin Pile Rebated Guide Brush TWIN06Nylon Insulated Lath
Clip On Angled Brush CLIP01Nylon Single Skin
100mm Industrial Brush Strip 100M08Nylon n/a
120mm Industrial Brush Strip 120M01Nylon n/a
150mm Industrial Brush Strip 150M01Nylon n/a
200mm Industrial Brush Strip 200M01Nylon n/a

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Key Benefits 


  • Prevents unwanted pests
  • Prevents water ingress
  • Prevents noise pollution
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Keeps out unwanted debris

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