Roller Shutter Components

Roller shutter doors are used in openings to prevent unauthorised access and vandalism to premises, designed to secure your property and its contents. Encompassed within our range is a single skin roller shutter lath whether you require a solid slat or a punched slat, and two variants of double skin insulated lath, both offering vision panels. Trade customers benefit from our vast experience in section rolling with the manufacturing of shutter lath on our six dedicated production lines.

Our range of angles offer  equal and unequal leg sizes offering from 30 x 30 x 3.0mm all the way up to 200 x 200 x 5.0mm

Our range of bottom rails come in two  variations, an outside facing single angled rail (L-Bottom Rail) and a double angled rail (T-Bottom Rail)

Our range of channels offers leg sizes from 50mm up to 100mm whether you require straight ‘U’ guide or a windlock ‘G’ guide 

Our range of insulated guide channels offer a depth of 82mm with a self lock brush system, available in a straight ‘U’ guide or a windlock version

We offer a hge range of endlocks for both single and insulated lath whether you require plastic or steel, standard or windlocks

Our tube diamerter’s range from 101.6mm (4″) to 219mm (8.6″) with thicknesses from 1.5mm up to 12.0mm 

We offer an extensive range of industrial door brushs to help reduce heat loss and keep out unwanted pests, water ingress and noise pollution 

We offer a range of bottom rubber weather seals and retainers for all lath helping reduce heat loss, water ingress and debris