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Custom Roll Forming

West Mercia Sections offer a custom roll forming service which can benefit your company or project. Partnering with us out of our manufacturing facility, collborating with your engineers we can develop a wide range of complex sections using our CAD technology combined with the latest roll form engineering software.

Bepsoke sections however complex can be designed , developed and manufactured meeting your specific requirments with fast turnaround. 

We posses production lines with state of the art machinery where you can obtain custom made profiles to the following specifications 

  • 0.10mm up to 5.0mm thick 
  • 7.0mm up to 400mm wide 
  • Tolerances as low as +0.05mm
  • Ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel and other malleable metals
  • Ability to form profiles with polished and pre-coated surfaces
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What is Cold Roll Forming?

Cold roll forming is to form sheet metal strip in a process that manipulates that strip of coiled metal or strips in rolls, through a series of contoured rolls, progressively forming and bending the metal to achieve the desired cross-section profile. 

The metal, which is most often steel, but can be copper, aluminium or stainless steel is supplied in large coils pre sit to whose width corresponds to the developed finished profile. The complexity of the desired profile would determine how many stations (operations) are required. The more complex the profile the more stations needed. 

West Mercia Sections has a deep history in roll form technology stretching over half a century, allowing the combination and our engineering capabilities and technological expertise to open the doors to new cross-section possibilities. With over 50 years knowledge we are well positioned to help support our customers by offering solutions to satisfy any requirement.


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