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9″ Folding Door Leaf

Door Leaf Lath for Industrial Folding Doors

Catagorie – Folding Sliding Doors

West Mercia also manufactures folding/sliding door products where additional security and wind resistance is essential. Folding/sliding doors are commonly used in applications such as aircraft hangers or commercial/industrial buildings where added security is crucial.

Where conventional roller shutters can fall short on such vast openings, our folding door leaf profile offers additional security but also wind resistance in conditions up to 150mph.

Our 9” door leaf profile is ideal for Commercial and industrial properties such as Military buildings, Airplane Hangers, Warehouses and commercial buildings. 


Suitable for:

  • Military Applications 
  • Airplane Hangers 
  • Elevator Openings
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Buildings 
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Technical Specification

  • Galvanised steel manufactured to European standard BS EN 10346:2015 
  • Galvanised steel manufactured to DX51 Z2
  • Strengthening ribs running through the face for added strength

Downloads Section

Data Sheet 9" Folding Door Leaf
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